What's Your Perfect Fit: Modern, Classic, Regular, or Slim?

What's Your Perfect Fit: Modern, Classic, Regular, or Slim?

Guys, you come in all shapes and sizes. Our clothes should compliment that size not take a from it. So I'm here to help you decide which cut is perfect for you! So let's get started. There are several types of suit designs or cuts that are out there and many of you have seen these in descriptions of suits across thousands of brands and designers: 

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  1. Slim-Fit
  2. Modern Fit
  3. Classic/Regular

Slim Fit

A slim fit suit fits close to the body without the excess fabric. It's not a skin-tight fit but it does shape the body. I know it seems like slim fitting suits are only for the small to average build but your wrong. A slim fit can cut down on excess tailoring and really give a big guy or a small guy a nice clean look. Usually, goes up to size 52L.

Modern Fit

A modern fit is a middle ground between classic and the slim fit. It's not too boxy but it has more room than a slim fit. Modern fit is more on trend and also works for most body types. Great alternative to a slim fit if you're unsure of the close fit. Usually, goes up to size 56L.

Classic/Regular Fit

A classic fit is cut with more room in the chest and waist. Classic fit isn't as contracted as a slim or even modern. It still maintains a clean body shape but allows for a comfortable, easy fit. Usually, goes up to size 72L.

The best way to find your fit is to test it out. Go to a store like Men's Warehouse, JC Penny, Dillard's, Macy's, etc get a suit in every fit. If you need help just ask the clerk where they should be able to help you. Try on every fit and see which one suits you best. The fit should be comfortable and allow movement if the suit is restricted in any way possible it is either not the right fit or an incorrect size. 

TIP #1: Tailor Tailor Tailor Your Suit!


I come across so many guys who ask me why their suit doesn't fit them properly. Very rarely is it the fit or size. 90% of the time it's the fact that the suit hasn't been tailored to fit. Tailoring is a necessary step. It allows the suit to be custom fitted to your body.

Most places that specialize in suits have a tailor on staff. Places like K&G, JC Penny, Dilliard's, Macy's, Men's Warehouse, etc. If you haven't found a tailor here you can definitely find a tailor by using your local cleaners (sometimes they staff a tailor), yelp, yellow pages, or just by word of mouth. Ask around. Here in Cleveland we have several places to get tailored but THE BEST PLACE is:

Curtis and Marilyn Gibsons Custom Tailoring

20508 Southgate Park Blvd
Maple Heights, OH 44137
United States

(216) 475-1722


Contact them if you would like to have your suit tailored. These guys are the best of the best. They have made custom suits some of the biggest stars in music: James Brown, New Edition, Gerald Levert, you name it. If they came through Cleveland they've worked with them.

I hope this info helps you in your next suit purchase. If you need help don't hesitate to contact me! 

Remember to shop Creative eXessories for all your suit needs. We're growing every single day. And we work hard at making sure we provide you with the best of the best. 

Update: There is another Tailor Shop here in Cleveland that is AHMAZING! 

Maestro Tailor in Playhouse Square

2079 E 14th St, Playhouse Square

Cleveland, OH 44115

These guys are top notch catering to stars, NBA players, and of course the city of Cleveland. They make custom suits, wedding gowns and of course they tailor. I'm actually going there for my pending vow renewal. I'll keep you updated on pricing and the service!

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